IBM 9331-011 8" External Floppy Drive - eBay 183038271095

Fred Cisin cisin at
Thu Feb 1 23:04:02 CST 2018

On Thu, 1 Feb 2018, Ali wrote:
> I have been toying with making a bunch of brackets for odd connectors (I
> haven't seen a bracket that has holes cut for DC37 for example readily
> available for purchase). A friend of mine has access to an industrial laser
> cutter and has told me he would be happy to cut brackets in quantity for
> free....

Ah, yes.
Back in those days, people were throwing away "low density" (5150,5160) 
disk controller boards.
When Doctor Marty reverse-engineered the Flagstaff Engineering mods to 
5150 FDC for 8" SSSD, he was paying about $1 each for them.

But, for me, when XT (with 8 slots) replaced PC (with 5 slots), the 
generic XT cases that I was using came with bags of slightly narrower 
brackets for converting cards made for PC to the narrower bracket.  And I 
once paid a few dollars for a box of those bags of brackets at Foothill.

50 for ~$50

But, I had to call it "DB37" to find it.  THAT is depressing.
I'm gonna have a shot of Tequila.
Much better now.


$78.81 + $9.85 S/H
Greenlee 234  37-pin d-subminiature chassis/panel punch

A few for $110 Buy-it-now with free shipping

It's quite a bit more expensive new, at Mouser, Amazon, etc.

If anybody here buys it, you gotta at least let Ali, me, and Chuck use it 
a few times, . . . 
This whole damn hobby is about lusting after stuff that we wanted 30+ 
years ago!

35 years ago, the last GOOD department chair of CS at the college agreed 
with me, and we bought a DB25 Greenlee punch.

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