IBM 9331-011 8" External Floppy Drive - eBay 183038271095

Ali cctalk at
Thu Feb 1 21:55:21 CST 2018

> If it's not going to be simply spread out accross the table, then I
> would rather use DC37, not HD50 and 50 pin Blue Ribbon ("Centronics")
> 34 to DC37 in the PC.
> DC37 to DC37 from PC to drive case
> FDADAP inside the 8" drive case.
> ALL drive cabling done with connectors that are normally used for
> floppies; no "SCSI" connectors to confuse the unwary.

So would I Fred, but I have not found 34 to DC37 adapters readily. The SCSI
stuff is out there for easy purchasing - at least for now. Plus many people
have drives in cases already w/ 50 pin connectors on them (I have a couple
and that is what that cable is being used for) so a DC37 to DC37 cable is no

I have been toying with making a bunch of brackets for odd connectors (I
haven't seen a bracket that has holes cut for DC37 for example readily
available for purchase). A friend of mine has access to an industrial laser
cutter and has told me he would be happy to cut brackets in quantity for


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