SuperTerm Maintenance Manual

Paul Koning paulkoning at
Thu Feb 1 13:11:03 CST 2018

> On Feb 1, 2018, at 1:56 PM, Fred Cisin via cctalk <cctalk at> wrote:
> On Thu, 1 Feb 2018, Paul Koning via cctalk wrote:
>> I guess they trusted the disk enough.  Normal practice would be to save the dayfile to a regular disk file periodically (perhaps as part of daily maintenance), at which point you could print it, or archive it to tape, or whatever else comes to mind.
> Was there typically any other way to access the disk file, such as if the system were down?
> It could be useful in troubleshooting, such as if the system were down.

Not that I know of.  The file system structure was quite trivial so it would be easy to write a standalone inspect tool but I don't remember any such thing.

> At least they would not have had "Help" to suggest, "If the system will not IPL/Boot, then run Troubleshooting Wizard"

That at least isn't an issue, since deadstart (CDC for "IPL") was traditionally done from magnetic tape, and could also load from other media if needed.


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