SuperTerm Maintenance Manual

Mike Norris mike_t_norris at
Thu Feb 1 12:01:21 CST 2018

Hi Eric,

>I know it sounds snarky, and admittedly my sample size is small, but it
>seems to me that it was quite _rarely_ used as a console printer in place
>of a LA36. Of the DEC machine rooms I saw back in the day (DECsystem-10,
>PDP-11, VAX-11/7xx), most used an LA36 or LA120 as the console terminal,
>but I also saw one Teletype Model 43 and one VT52. (It was not good
>practice to use a CRT as the system console, IMO.)

I worked in the Multivendor Environment so DEC (OEM 11's) so DEC terminals weren't that common there and when we first started using it I don't think we had access the LA120 (here in the UK at least!)

>However, a scan of the SuperTerm maintenance manual definitely would be
>good to archive for posterity.

Do you know were or how is the best place to send the scan (sorry this is my first post)?

Regards Mike Norris

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