Is MS-DOS, PC DOS and DR-DOS vintage enough to count?

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Sun Jul 31 17:05:45 CDT 2016

On 07/31/2016 12:59 PM, jim stephens wrote:

> The booted system on Windows 95 is real mode dos, and that allows all
> of the dos boxes you spawn to share the same virtual to physical
> address space.
> Windows 98 still did the same trick, but would only map a single 
> physical address space to the physical space.  There was a collision 
> because of the fact that they never booted and ran a base dos box,
> but actually booted to PE big real and ran from there.

That's why Redmond gave us VxDs ;)

Seriously, I think that this was inevitable.  MS was starting to get the
hint that there was a demand for security and isolating applications was
a good start.

The DOS that boots Win98 is still a fine version of MS-DOS.  The GUI,
not so much.


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