Nova 3 front panel

Vincent Slyngstad v.slyngstad at
Fri Jul 29 09:55:27 CDT 2016

Today I received copies of the schematic and parts layout for 
the Nova 3 panel from Peter Simpson.  I believe Perer also 
sent a copy to bitsavers.  Thanks Peter!!

The correct part number for the bulbs is 014-000002, which 
makes it a CM2176 equivalent.  The CM2176 has only a 1000 
hour expected lifetime.

Reviewing the specs for the CM2185 and CM2187 which were 
proposed as replacements, the CM2187 is the better fit.  Both 
bulbs would be noticeably dimmer than the originals, with the 
CM2187 about 34% as bright.  The CM2187 bulbs powered by 
24V can be expected to last 44+ thousand hours.

If a bright bulb is desired, the CM8361 is closer, but it would
draw 60 mA instead of the 50 mA of the original bulb.  (Even 
so, it would still be only 76% as bright as the original.)

Mouser also has the JKL version of the CM7001, which has the 
correct electrical and brightness specs, but is a bi-pin bulb, 
rather than wire terminal.  (Also only lasts 2000 hours.)

Hope this is helping.


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