Nova 3 front panel

Vincent Slyngstad v.slyngstad at
Sat Jul 23 14:32:58 CDT 2016

From: jim stephens: Saturday, July 23, 2016 11:41 AM
> I was looking at this sale on ebay from Vince's part number.  Also it is a US 
> shipping source, so may not save Henk anything.  But it is the lowest cost I 
> found around.

That price of $2+ per bulb is high, but the bulbs used to retail for
prices like that.  They were scarce, being replaced by LEDs or whatever,
and they just weren't making them anymore.

The Mouser prices and inventory seem to indicate that this has changed,
unless Mouser just has them on clearance or something.  (Maybe 28V
happens to still have demand?)

> The Mouser sale for the CM2187 (think that may be the above ebay part) shows 
> it a 28v lamp, 44 cents, and 3000+ in stock.

The CM2185 has a longer life (but half as bright) and is $0.35 qty 1.  Qty 10 is
more likely, so $0.32 vs .40 for the CM2187.  Either way it is pretty 

> Not sure why the ebay sale is for so much, but Mouser looks like the place to 
> buy if there isn't a minimum order amount or bad shipping / service fee costs 
> from Mouser.

Agreed.  Shipping is probably $6 to $12 in the USA, and I don't see any
a minimum order.


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