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Thu Jul 28 13:16:18 CDT 2016

If you are looking for terminal keyboards, you might subscribe to the RSS on my site, There are about 10 different terminal boards there now, and I usually add 20-30 items more per day (although not all keyboards). All of the RSS feeds are available at

Sorry if posting my site is not allowed. If so, please delete this post.

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On 7/28/16 9:50 AM, Todd Killingsworth wrote:

> Interesting to look over his stuff, but if he's sold anything I've not 
> heard about it.

Thanks. I've been working on terminal archiving and simulation the past couple of weeks, and I'm sure there are parts in there I could use.

Terminals have reached the other side of the bathtub curve, and keyboard prices are insane. I've been really disappointed in the ones I've been buying off eBay.
One of them was literally filled with sawdust, another covered in machine oil from it being used in a machine shop.

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