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Thu Jul 28 13:13:55 CDT 2016

This last batch with spreadsheet was not from GA, it was from St. Louis. So all the stuff you saw Todd, is pretty much still there.
The heat is killing them, almost literally. The temp in the warehouse reaches above 115 this summer, and it is making the workers sick.
Rich did say he reached out to several people, but never heard back from them.

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...and since Cindy's contact has liquidated his Mac stash...
Does anyone know a good place to go scouting for a Mac SE/30 around Atlanta?  I'd like to play with Apple's Smalltalk, and the iMacs are lonely.  :D

I'm aware of EPay, but maybe its possible to avoid shipping?

Todd Killingsworth

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> On 7/28/16 9:50 AM, Todd Killingsworth wrote:
> > Interesting to look over his stuff, but if he's sold anything I've 
> > not heard about it.
> >
> Thanks. I've been working on terminal archiving and simulation the 
> past couple of weeks, and I'm sure there are parts in there I could 
> use.
> Terminals have reached the other side of the bathtub curve, and 
> keyboard prices are insane. I've been really disappointed in the ones 
> I've been buying off eBay.
> One of them was literally filled with sawdust, another covered in 
> machine oil from it being used in a machine shop.

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