Anyone have a spare PDP-11/84 serial console panel they could part with?

Glen Slick glen.slick at
Tue Jul 26 09:58:03 CDT 2016

This manual shows two ways that the 11/84 console SLU panel can be mounted:

Page 5-40 (page 245 of the PDF) shows the 11/84 cabinet style console
SLU panel where it is mounted on a separate rack width panel across
the rear of the cabinet.

Page 5-41 (page 246 of the PDF) shows the 11/84 box style console SLU
panel where it is mounted internally in a dedicated cutout on the rear
of the 11/84 box.

It appears that the actual console SLU PCB would be the same either
way it is mounted.

I don't have a copy of the corresponding maintenance manual for the
11/84-E. The 11/84-E power supply is located at the rear of the box
and there is no dedicated space for mounting the console SLU or any
other bulkhead panels.

So what I would really like to find is not just a bare 11/84 console
SLU PCB but also the rack width panel to mount it in the back of a

I have an H9645 cabinet that previously held an 11/44 that I would
eventually mount the 11/84. That would make it what is called an 11W84
widebody system as shown on page II.16 (page 175 of the PDF) in this

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