Intel 432 floppy flux images for decoding

Dennis Boone drb at
Tue Jul 26 09:53:31 CDT 2016

A collection of intel floppies containing software related to the 432
processor was identified and purchased by Nigel Williams.  I made flux
images of the diskettes some time ago, but have failed to assemble the
attention span to decode most of them.

Technical details:

These are 8" diskettes, written in several different formats.  There are
FM and M2FM, and possibly MFM, floppies.  The flux images were created
using a DiscFerret board.  Three flux image files were created from each
diskette, at three sampling rates: 25, 50 and 100 MHz.  (This is
certainly overkill, but I wasn't sure what would end up working best.)
Both sides were imaged, and the reader software was told to take two
passes over each track.  The FM diskettes are SSSD, with 128 byte
sectors.  (The FM ones are already mostly decoded.)

For each floppy, a photo of the label, a text transcription of the
label, and the three .dfi image files are available.  The files are
available here:

Documentation of the .dfi file format is here:

I'm available (drb at to try to answer questions about the imaging

Nigel and I hope that this might lie close enough to someone's interests
to attract some tuits.


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