DOS code in CP/M? Revisited...

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Fri Jul 15 17:40:12 CDT 2016

>> NetBSD/vax, for example, has trouble self-hosting, and nobody knows
>> why, because it shows up only in native builds.
> Hmm, I wasn't aware of that.  I've only used it in the context of
> other platforms and variants.

I'm sure there are lots of <host,target,compiler> triples it works just
fine for.  I just don't know why <amd64,vax,gcc-Vwhatever> isn't one of
them.  As far as I know nobody else knows either.

>> Nobody knows [...].  (Or at least that's what I've gathered from
>> following port-vax at .)
> Aww.  That breaks my fantasy that the list was full of highly
> motivated VAX gods. :-)

:-)  Actually, I think it probably is - just ones short on round tuits.
I suspect that anyone with the necessary VAX/gcc/NetBSD chops to
diagnose this problem is also kickass at a number of other things,
things which (for example) pay significantly better.

>> If I were still following NetBSD I'd be taking a real VAX and trying
>> to figure out when things went south, doing all the builds native.
> It's too bad for the NetBSD team that you aren't.  [...]

Thank you for the compliment!  NetBSD apparently either disagrees or
decided something else had higher priority, though.  This way I have
more time for doing my own thing, though, so it's not entirely without
a silver lining.  (Admittedly, at the moment "my own thing" is less
computery, so perhaps it's not that much of a silver lining from your
perspective - I don't know how much we overlap except for classiccmp.)

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