Building the Ultimate Classic Mac.

Austin Pass austinpass at
Fri Jul 15 14:03:04 CDT 2016

I'm toying with putting the "ultimate" classic Mac together, although I'm
having a little difficulty pinning down the definition of what the ultimate
representation of the type is, so was looking for a little input from
Classic CMP'ers.

I'm aware that there's a clear divide between Motorola and PowerPC CPU'd
variants, so I'm going to plump for a PowerPC based version so that I can
get access to newer hardware and use it as a kind of bridge system between
my current computers and the more historic versions.

In terms of hardware I have a lovely mirror-door G4 PowerMac I'm intending
to use.  I have the original media that shipped with this, so I can get
9.2.1 on it relatively easily.  Are there any add-in cards (PCI) I should
be considering?  It has a built in Airport Card (possibly Airport Extreme?)
although my home Wi-Fi is 802.11n or better with WPA2 so I'll just use
Ethernet to connect it to my LAN.  Was a gigabit ethernet card ever
released with Mac OS 9 drivers?  I have a couple of 600GB PATA disks that I
can use with it, but has there ever been a SATA implementation that worked
with classic Mac OS?

Also, I have an Asanté ether bridge tucked away somewhere that I hope to be
able to use to connect some of my older Mac OS boxen without Ethernet.

In terms of the software - any top-line utilities or System Extensions I
should look to get my hands on?  What's the state of the art in classic Mac
OS browsing nowadays, Mr Kaiser - is Clasilla still maintained?


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