Seeking RL02 cable transition connector

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at
Thu Jul 14 21:26:19 CDT 2016

Asking for a friend... ;-)

An old buddy of mine picked up a PDP-11/73 at auction and we just went
over it tonight - cleaned out some spilled toner from some careless
stacking in a warehouse, and looked over the RL02 on top and it all
seems complete and good to go, except... the connector on the I/O
bulkhead was broken off (the ears and screws remain) and the BC06R
40-pin cable is sticking out.  The drive-to-drive cable is there and
looks intact, but there's nothing at the CPU end to clamp it to.

These get brought up from time to time as people refurb 1980s PDP-11s
and such - The easiest place to get these from is dead RL02 drives,
since there are two off them on the back of each drive.  Does anyone
have a loose one to sell?

Also as mentioned from time to time, the part number seems to be
obscure and buried, but it's a component in a C-AD-7012415-0-0
"transition bracket assembly", which appears to be this 40-pin ZIF
connector attacked to a rack-mountable metal bracket.  All he needs is
the plastic bit, but if it comes attached to a bracket, then that's OK

Yes, I know we can get him operational with a long 40-pin cable.  I'd
just like to replace the one missing bit.



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