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Tue Jul 12 11:25:00 CDT 2016

> > Low End Mac looks into the history of the effort to produce a 
> > Motif-based, clean-room Mac compatible computer in the early nineties.
> Bizzaro-world. It's like Executor on steriods 
> ( . I never knew 
> that there was such a beast. I couldn't even find a screenshot. I wanted 
> to see how the blend of MacOS and MOTIF looked (that's going to be an ugly 
> baby, but I wanted to see it anyway).

It seems like it limited itself largely to System 6 apps, which if 
MultiFinder weren't running, *could* (I say *could*) provide a passable
approximation of the GUI for well-behaved apps. I'm really interested to
see how they reimplemented the Toolbox under these circumstances, but
no one seems to know if any actually got sold. Did they?

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