StorageTek 2920 9-track manual or instructions wanted (And a bit about rescuing a Nord-1)

Göran Axelsson axelsson at
Sun Jul 3 08:56:38 CDT 2016

Hi and thanks for all the help I got! Both on the list and via email 

A couple of days ago I did a quick test of the drive and I was able to  
load tapes, both manually and with automatic tape loading. It's a really 
nice drive. BPI were detected automatically so the drive seems to be i 
good condition.

I haven't been to my storage yet since I saw the new documents scanned 
by Al, but from the pictures I have taken it looks like it is a 
SCSI-drive, the other interfaces uses two cables instead of one.
Whenever I get some time to spare I will try to get the drive connected 
to a linux computer. It is possible to run the 2920 both as singel ended 
and differential so I should have a lot of different interface cards to 
choose from for the PC end. It looks bright right now. :-)

The reason I haven't responded before is that I got busy with a rescue 
of a NORD-1 computer in southern Norway. It took 28 hours to fly down to 
Göteborg to meet up with a friend already in the south, drive to Norway, 
load the computer in my friends van and drive it back to Umeå. I hope my 
reason for the lack of interest in this thread is excusable. :-)
The computer is the first model made by Norsk Data AS, it has serial 
number 47 and was built in the summer of 1972, equipped with 32 kword of 
core memory. It's one of my dream machines and it is almost complete. :-D


Den 2016-06-29 kl. 22:22, skrev Al Kossow:
> Well, this is fun. Same part number on the manual, but different sets of interfaces
> defined. I found the one that has SCSI in it, and will try to get it uploaded later today.
> I don't appear to have the schematics for the SCSI version.
> On 6/29/16 1:11 PM, Al Kossow wrote:
>> On 6/29/16 12:58 PM, Shaun Halstead wrote:
>>>    I believe JP Hindin has the service docs (and one of the drives) from my
>>> shop, though they may be inaccessible at the moment.
>> there is one version of the maint manual up under stc on bitsavers now. it turns
>> out I have several other versions, and the manual for the formatter

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