Maybe interesting toy in junk shop...

Sun Jul 3 02:45:58 CDT 2016

I remember ours  has  4 pin connector  too but not as robust  as  a ma bell 
ours  comes in a  orig  box  even.
I was mixed as to  if I wanted to display it  with ttys  or   with   
sci-tech kids  toys and devices  display we have  in a huge walk  in display  
case. ... it is  sitting up in the  front office ...  I  am sure there are 
photos  somewhere  on one of the  servers...but  too tired to chase it tonite.
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cclist at writes:

On  07/02/2016 09:54 PM, couryhouse wrote:
> No it gets  printed to...  there are TTYS in real world and print  on
>  strip then western  union would oade each strip  onto sheet  of
> paper....what did they want for it?

Yes, I know--I  once owned a model 14 TTY, complete with a pile of
mucilage-backed tape for  the teleprinter.

But it was a beast, not a red plastic  thing.


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