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william degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Sat Jul 2 10:57:37 CDT 2016

>> As ever one English word can have more than one connotation. "Vintage" is
> no exception.
> If we dispense with the wine allusion then a more general usage could be
> "the best example of its type"
> Adding some kind of chronological definer such as "in the 1960's" would
> help.
> Having defined our terms of reference we can then move on to make our
> choice.
> Clearly, even with agreed parameters, one person might offer more than one
> example as a candidate.
> A group of people will almost certainly produce a selection of answers.
> So as to if a computer is vintage or not is an opinion.
> A preponderance of one computer type or model might indicate some group
> agreement.
> Rod Smallwood

Couldn't have said this better myself.  Absolutely agree.  I very much
understand that the majority sees "vintage computing" to mean more than the
sum of the dictionary's definition, but doing so does not adapt well over
time.  If a person writes instead 8-bit vintage computing, 60's mini
vintage computing, Apple vintage computing, and so on would be more
correct...In short if one adds a modifier before "vintage computing" a lot
of the clarification problems go away.
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