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Fri Jul 1 14:44:04 CDT 2016

On 7/1/2016 2:33 PM, Fred Cisin wrote:
> "I wasn't here for the last XXX number 
> of times that that flamewar raged" is 
> not an acceptable reason to 
> deliberately re-ignite it.
> It is an easy, fully objective 
> parameter for OLD machines, not for 
> "classic" machines, which is subjective.
> If you want to create a separate list, 
> where that is the criterion, DO SO.
> I will be happy to subscribe to it.
> I inherited my mother's Win95 
> "e-machine", with all the stickers on 
> it; who wants it?   I have plenty of 
> old machines, many of which are not 
> classic.
> But age is explicitly NOT part of the 
> criteria on THIS list.
> That battle has been fought!.

I fully get the distinction between -- 
for instance -- a classic Ford Mustang 
and a classic Ford Pinto.

Everyone agrees, the Mustangs are 
classic, but there *are* people who are 
into Pintos.

- J.

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