Running CRTs without implosion protection glass

tony duell ard at
Fri Jul 1 14:05:34 CDT 2016

> > I am not overly concerned, someone in the IRC channel I'm in asked and I
> > thought I'd ping. Even then, in a color CRT without any lead shielding, I'd
> > bet the emissions pale in comparison to any kind of real medical X-ray.
> Not a very good comparison because one is pointed at your head for
> months or years and the latter is momentary.

I am not convinced that the effect is purely cumulative anyway. In other words,
a lower intensity (and lower energy) beam for longer might not do as much 
damage as a brief pulse from a high intensity, high energy source.

Silly example (using visible light, not X rays), I can look at the output of
a normal red LED for many hours without any eye damage. But shining a
high power laser in my eye for a fraction of a second would blind me.


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