3B2 Diagnostics

Seth Morabito lists at loomcom.com
Mon Feb 29 09:31:45 CST 2016

* On Sun, Feb 28, 2016 at 05:24:17PM -0500, Alan Hightower <alan at alanlee.org> wrote:
> Seth, 
> 'filledt' comes on every Essential Utilities Disk 1 along with the unix
> kernel and OS install routines. Get a SVR3 3.0 Essential Utilities Disk
> 1 and run filledt from there. I just went through this last week. 
> You can grab the image from here: 
> http://www.3b2archive.org/archive/disks/3.0/essential_utils_r3.0/disk1 
> -Alan 

Thanks Alan,

Great news! The version of "filledt" on this floppy image works
perfectly with my 3B2 emulator! So the version on the disk image
"3B2-DIAG.imd" that's floating around out there is probably NOT meant
for a 3B2/300 or 3B2/400.

"dgmon" doesn't run, for some reason. Or, rather, it runs and then
just silently exits. There don't appear to actually be any diagnostics
on the disk (nothing under /dgn except the EDT data files), so I'm not
sure if that's why it's failing or not.

I borrowed a 3B2 from Ian Finder this weekend (upon pain of death if I
don't return it!) that came with three floppy disks that may or may
not contain diagnostics. I'll image them today and see if they work on
the emulator.


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