PDP-11/20 vd one that just says pdp 11 what are the date differences?? OEM?

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> Here is the doc in question. Note is says 11/10 and  11/20
>  http://vintagecomputer.net/digital/PDP11-20/PDP11_Price-List_19691215.pdf

Hmm,  notice that it says "Turnkey Console" which I believe means it 
lacks the  lights and switches console?


there therye was another  pdp 11/10  that  was a versioon of  the 11/05   
so in reality there were  2  differt  11/10's  
one that was a deballed  20 and one that was   a  05  variant... as  
The PDP-11/10 was the second processor made in  the _PDP-11_ 
(http://gunkies.org/wiki/PDP-11)  series. 
The  PDP-11/05 CPU was identical to the PDP-11/10 (KA11-B). The only 
difference  between the PDP-11/05 and the PDP-11/10 was that the PDP-11/05 was 
made for OEM,  while the PDP-11/10 was for end-users. 
sort of  like   the  8 m and 8  f   were same but one oem one end user  
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