New Scans: HP Micro-Computer Interest Group

Jason T silent700 at
Fri Feb 5 18:19:11 CST 2016

Hello all - I have uploaded some new documents related to an employee
club at Hewlett Packard that sought to explore these new
"micro-computers" and, given the evidence at hand, design their own
(apparently a Z80-based CPU card of their own design, an S-100
backplane and an HP case.)  The story as I know it is incomplete and
I'm sure more details will be filled in soon by those who were there.
The documents were lent to me for scanning by the daughter of an HP
employee.  I'll be returning them to her soon; I believe she will be
offering them to CHM as a donation.

The docs are divided into directories as follows:

Micro Minutes:  30 issues of the newsletter of the Hewlett-Packard
Micro-Computer Interest Group, various dates between 1979 and 1983.
Some issues undated.
Non-HP_Docs:  Documents from other vendors that were likely used by
the club.  I'll place them in their own vendor directories also but I
thought leaving copies here help give us an idea of what the club was
working with or discussing at the time
Club_Notes: Emails, memos, handwritten notes, receipts and other
club-related ephemera

I thought it spoke well of HP as a company at that time that they
supported an employee hobbyist organization.  Enjoy digging through a
unique bit of early Silicon Valley history.


Retrocomputing and collecting in the Chicago area:

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