Sugru (moldable rubber) for ???

John Foust jfoust at
Thu Jan 29 09:23:00 CST 2015

At 02:00 PM 1/26/2015, geneb wrote:
>Chuck, you might want to find someone that's got a 3D printer near you and has experience with a flexible filament called NinjaFlex.  If you can't find anyone, let me know and I'll pick up a spool and give it a shot.

I have a 3D printer - a Flashforge Creator.  Haven't tried the NinjaFlex yet.

I think I've seen "Shoe Goo" sold as "Amazing Goo" or maybe they were
clones of each other.  Available at Walmart.  Yes, it's sticky when 
fresh, like silicone caulk.  As it sits in the tube for a while, it 
seems to harden, becomes less obviously wet and more like tacky.  You can 
get the same effect by just letting a bit dry.

How are/were capstans made in the first place?  Thermoset rubber in molds by
the thousand?  Isn't there a hobbyist approach for that?

- John

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