Equipment Available (WAS VAX 8600 + stuff)

Jay West jwest at
Tue Jan 27 09:52:56 CST 2015

Much to my chagrin, after passing the original deal (that ostensibly
included a VAX 8600) to a listmember - the owner emailed me to say that he
had incorrectly stated the exact equipment available in his original email
to me. There is no VAX 8600. Not wanting to miss-step again, I talked to him
at some length to make SURE that the following is a correct statement of the
equipment that he is trying to get rid of. I don't think he stated the
equipment incorrectly on purpose, I believe he just wasn't sure what he had.
This stuff is in Houston, TX. If someone wants to take over spearheading
this deal (I do not wish to) please email me off-list.


Here it is..


List of Equipment: 

MicroVAX 3400 (details below)

6250 tape drive 


Alpha Station 200 

8mm SCSI tape drive ???

8mm SCSI tape drive  EXB-8500 (10 GB)

4mm SCSI tape drive Sony SDT-5000 (8 GB)


Tape drives are in external SCSI enclosures.


============================= MicroVAX 3400 DETAILS




            Category: VAX Memory

            Description: 8MB MEMORY BOARD FOR MV3300-MV3900/VAX 4200



BA213 Enclosure

            Dimensions:27" H x 21" W x 17.8" D. Has castors 

            Bus details: Q-bus - 12 slots, All slots are Q/CD 

            Drive bays: Four full height 5.25 bays. One with front access. 

            Power supply: Dual 230W power supply w/ Line conditioning 

            Used in: MicroVAX 3400, VAXserver 3400, MicroVAX 3800 VAXserver
3800, factoryVAX-II 

            Last updated: 2000-02-01 

            Notes:Industrial box. Commonly referred to as a "skunk box",
expansion version is B213F and has slave power control input. 



            MicroVax 3400, used with single user software



            VAX3400 CPU BD M7624-DL



            The CXY08 (M3119) is a Q-bus 8-port asynchronous serial adapter
with full modem control.




            Qbus DEC VAX M3119-YA Multiplexer Card, (Tape drive)






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