ICL Quattro PC

supervinx supervinx at libero.it
Tue Jan 27 07:24:07 CST 2015

Well, I need some help.
I got an ICL Quattro PC
I repaired the PSU.
It powers up, the HD spins and seems to load something.
Then no led activity, may be it's waiting for user input.

I have no ICL terminals.

I tried to connect with a straight serial cable and a terminal emulator,
9600, 8,N,1
No answer in either port.
Tried also a null modem cable. Same stuff.

The DB25 ports have a female connector, so I tried a straight cable,

The straight cable shows some random and spurious characters.

But there's also a DB15 female port.

Do you know how to connect to this old beast?

I'm getting no answer just because the Quattro is not working or I'm
wrong somehow?

Vincenzo (aka Supervinx)

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