somewhat sad tek4015-1

Jacob Ritorto jacob.ritorto at
Sat Jan 24 00:40:54 CST 2015

  I pulled my tek4015-1 from storage (~10 years, dry but cold, had been
working perfectly then) and brought it home to my living room, much to the
dismay of my significant other.  I plugged it in.  it squealed a bit,
zapped a little and lit up with that signature green expanding circle.  I
was able to get the line/local light to behave reasonably and it seemed to
go into local mode ok.  Was hoping to echo characters to the screen, but no

  The screen is really bright.  It's as if the whole thing was in the
lit-up state.  PAGE key does blink the screen, but I remember it flashing
brightly whilst erasing in the past.  Now it looks like it's just staying
bright all the time.  I wiggled the boards in the cage around and managed
to get it to repeat control-g feeps (while holding those keys down), but
it's only able to do it intermittently, seems related to the positioning
(or complete absence) of the display driver board. Still no characters
showing up.

Does anyone know how to work on these?


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