Wanted: Apple II Plus escape key

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 23 11:38:47 CST 2015

I have an Apple II Plus at home with a broken escape key - does anyone 
happen to have a basket-case keyboard that they'd be able to salvage one 
from for me? There's a little bit of stem left on the keyswitch, so I think 
I could possibly make it work with just the keycap, although (assuming the 
machine's keyboard even uses individual switches, I've not actually 
dismantled to check) I probably wouldn't say no to the associated 
keyswitch, too.

It's an ex-school machine, so I wonder if it was broken off intentionally 
(i.e. to stop kids quitting out of some software that they weren't supposed 
to) - the system's in great cosmetic shape otherwise.



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