Atari 800XL RF cable (and I/O cable availability?)

Chris Osborn fozztexx at
Thu Jan 22 19:06:50 CST 2015

> Yeah, I figured it would be! If finding the genuine cables turns into a big deal, I suppose I could run some 13-way IDC cable out of the system/drive/850 cases and use DA15 connectors (there's enough clearance around the existing connectors to do so without harming anything), but it would be nice to find at least one real cable first and verify that my drives work.

I bought some of the SIO cables off eBay a few months back, intending to cut them and stick DA-15 connectors on them. Before I did that, I took apart the connectors to look at how they were made to see if I could come up with any ideas for reproducing them. The design is fairly simple and I think the shell could be easily reproduced on a 3D printer or hobby CNC.

Instead of hacking up the cables that I bought I ended up making a brand new cable using the original shell and I used 0.156 crimp pins as a substitute. They were just a little tight, but I had no problems fitting them into the original housing.

Here’s some photos:

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