Atari 800XL RF cable (and I/O cable availability?)

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Thu Jan 22 18:14:41 CST 2015

On 01/22/2015 05:09 PM, Alexandre Souza wrote:
>     Forget the RF output, use the composite monitor connection, there are
> schematics for the cable on the web. Anyways, a proper 75 ohms coaxial
> cable from the computer to the tv (with adequated connectors) should work

Yes, I think it will possibly work with my Commodore 1702, but I'm not sure 
if I have a suitable spare connector in the junk pile at the moment - plus 
it feels a bit weird using a Commodore display with an Atari :-)

>> 2) Does anyone have any spare I/O cables, or know of a source of the
>> connectors so I can make my own?
>     Mostly impossible to find the connectors alone.

Yeah, I figured it would be! If finding the genuine cables turns into a big 
deal, I suppose I could run some 13-way IDC cable out of the 
system/drive/850 cases and use DA15 connectors (there's enough clearance 
around the existing connectors to do so without harming anything), but it 
would be nice to find at least one real cable first and verify that my 
drives work.

>> (I suppose while I'm here I may as well ask if anyone just happens to
>> know what voltage power supplies the 1050's and 850 need, but I'm sure I
>> can dig the answers to that up online if needed)
>     Sure :) While you're on google, get the schematics and build a SIO2SD
> device, you'll need it! ;o)

;-)  I like using real floppies for as long as I can, though!  One of the 
1050 drives has some kind of speed-doubler widget fitted internally, so 
although I heard that the drives can be slow, that one might not be too bad.


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