Shipping antique computers

Mark J. Blair nf6x at
Sat Jan 17 11:18:59 CST 2015

For palletized freight, I've used FreightQuote (a broker) a few times to ship larger computer purchases. Since I live on a rough, unpaved rural road, I specified that I'd pick up from the local terminal of whatever shipper I selected (based on price). I live fairly close to Ontario, CA, which is a major shipping hub, so I get lots of competitive quotes instead of being stuck with one trucking company with a local terminal. Very roughly, I've generally spent around $300 to move a pallet across the country.

I haven't tried any "white glove" or "padded van" shippers yet. I learned of their existence back when I was contemplating getting a VAX-11/780. I ended up getting a nice, fits-on-two-pallets 11/730 system instead. :)

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