Shipping antique computers

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Sat Jan 17 11:09:33 CST 2015

So, I've recently shipped an antique computer across-country (in the USA), and
for those who need to do this, I can point out the shipper (well, technically,
a broker - they work with a range of companies who actually do the work)
which/whom I used:


Having learned (with me :-) a number of lessons about the potholes and
pitfalls of shipping antique computers, they should be pretty well up to speed
if someone else needs to do some shipping of same.

Key point: shipping of largish things is much cheaper if the item is
palletized. There are two kinds of shippers: cargo/freight people (I forget
the exact term), who only deal in palletized things, and so-called 'white
glove' shippers, who will move anything (they usually do furniture, hence the
name). I know palletization's not cheap, but you'll probably save more in
shipping than you spend on the preparation.


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