Subject: Knowledge Base

Marc Verdiell marc.verdiell at
Fri Jan 16 20:21:37 CST 2015

> I'm in. But instead of repair/restoration logs, I'd like to also

> with specific knowledge which I believe to be more searcheable and a

> contribution than just logs.


Maybe we could have both (logs and knowledge base)? They serve different
purposes. In my other group we have a mail list, a wiki for basic knowledge
and a build logs threads in a Forum based package. The build logs are
searchable. It works really well. The least frequently contributed to is the
wiki, however it's the most helpful for new members. But it's a lot of work
and makes things more complicated. Just food for thoughts, as I said the
current mailing list is simple yet immensely useful, nothing wrong with it.
And God bless bitsavers.




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