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Alexandre Souza alexandre.tabajara at
Fri Jan 16 07:28:34 CST 2015

I'm in. But instead of repair/restoration logs, I'd like to also contribute
with specific knowledge (e.g.: how to properly neutralize alkali from
batteries on a PCB) which I believe to be more searcheable and a better
contribuition than just logs.

On Fri, Jan 16, 2015 at 11:32 AM, Jay West <jwest at> wrote:

> Marc wrote....
> ----
> [snip] Thank you Jay and others for doing this and contributing a
> professional grade infrastructure.
> ----
> Most welcome - but it's not just me. There's a lot of folks who help.
> ----
>  The wiki is an idea, but an alternative that I wish would exist is a
> repository for restoration logs. [snip]
> ----
> The conversation makes things come back to me from old memory :) Now that I
> think about it - that was the primary "con" thought that most listmembers
> had about a "wiki". It basically competed with the mailing list as a
> resource and many of the folks here weren't going to go "graphical" so it
> would just result in a fracture/fork and dilution of the community. As a
> result, we went with a "Knowledge Base" package for pretty much the exact
> reasons you list in your post. The one we had used was "Andy's PHP
> Knowledge
> Base".
> I would be happy to try it again if listmembers would agree to
> substantially
> contribute. The only thing worse than not having one is having one that
> doesn't really have great content (and I'm positive the listmembers have
> great content to contribute).
> The only criteria I'd have from my side is that it be php/mysql based. We
> do
> have a flock of windows servers in the infrastructure, but I'd prefer if it
> was FAMP based.
> I haven't seen where the development of Andy's package has gone over the
> years, so I'd appreciate any suggestions folks may have as to a good
> php/mysql knowledge base type of package.
> I personally like the idea of a knowledgebase, but as Marc says - it'd be
> nice to have a place for people to post their restoration logs. Many people
> do this on their own sites and it's a great thing but I'm sure many people
> (me included) generally don't have the time to create an entire site to
> post
> the progress of each restoration project. Maybe if something in this site
> would allow easy subsection creation ("John Smiths PDP7 restoration
> project") that could be of help to both restorers and interested people
> wanting to learn. There is a site for people restoring/customizing Jon
> boats
> that I've spent a lot of time on where each person can create their own
> section documenting their restoration project. That type of thing would be
> a
> great resource here in addition to a "knowledge base".
> Let me know if there's interest. Thoughts?
> J

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