Lanier Model 103 Word Processor

phil at phil at
Fri Jan 16 15:42:03 CST 2015


Recently picked me up a new project ($0 projects are the best), a Lanier Model
103 word processing system, complete with printer, but void of any diskettes.

I'm going to have a rummage around here at work, but it would appear that AES
used hard-sectored 5.25" floppies in the machine.

Apparently it'll boot the AES word processing suite, or alternatively CP/M (It's
an 8080 based machine).

Something had eaten(!) the ceramic suppression caps off the video card, so I
replaced those and the tantalum beads for good measure. Now when I power it up I
get a raster instead of a horizontal line. It's a bit stretched vertically, so
I've got the video circuitry module out to redo the electrolytics in that next.
Unfortunately none of the adjustments on the board are marked as to their
function. I'm going to take a few guesses as to what's what, and experiment a
little. I need to get me a hex tool for what I'm guessing is the width coil.
There are 2 adjustable inductors and 4 variable resistors.

A question- being as I currently do not have any discs for it, does anyone:

1) Know what this should display if you power it up without a floppy in? (If
anything at all, would be useful to see if the thing even has a sane heartbeat
in some fashion).
2) Have a service manual for one?
3) Know of a source of discs (either AES, copies, or even just CP/M)?

I know 3 is a hugely long shot. It's not a badly built machine, and it would be
nice to get repaired and be able to use it to write things on.


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