HP Interex

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Fri Jan 16 14:47:18 CST 2015

I had posted to the list a while back that I had saved the HP/Interex and
HP1000 CSL site before it went dark and put them up on the classiccmp


Just got an email from the folks in the HP/DSD alumni group that they are
enjoying that content being available again. That REALLY makes me feel good


Along those lines, the copy of the Interex/CSL that I saved originally
included not just the files, but also the html and jpg that made up the site
itself. Over years, I lost the html and jpg files. Not a huge concern as the
data files that the site served up are all present. But.. If anyone happens
to have the .html, .jpg, etc files (and if it doesn't infringe) I'd be happy
to add them back so it has the original "look & feel".



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