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> Are the rejected Mails from germans on that list?

They shouldn't be - or, at least, if they are it should be for other
reasons.  See below.

> Mouse you are rejecting mails from an entire country b'cause of the
> decision of the german nic (DeNic) to block whois queries..

Not quite.  To block whois queries that don't include a magic
denic-specific option.  Provide that option - which some whois clients
even do automatically - and they will cheerfully hand out the info.
(At least, back when I looked at it.  If they've blocked it entirely
now, even worse.)

The German government has chosen to present an actively antisocial face
to the net.  (I count making it gratuitously difficult to track down
abusers as antisocial.)  That it's a whole country that's chosen to act
so antisocially is sad, but being large doesn't get them a free pass on
such behaviour with me.  If anything, the opposite; large entities need
to be held to stricter, not laxer, standards of behaviour than small.

List mail should not be affected by this.  The test is applied to the
host which is trying to hand the mail to me; for list mail, this is
always the classiccmp list host.  (There are other tests which might
trip, but in those cases the listmember's nationality is irrelevant;
it's things like mislabeling Windows-1252 text as being ISO-8859-1 I'm
talking about here.)

And, now, they shouldn't be bothering Jay at all.  I (think I) have
what I mentioned upthread in place: list mail that would normally be
rejected should now instead be accepted and silently dropped.

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