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Holm Tiffe holm at
Fri Jan 16 13:02:23 CST 2015

Mouse wrote:

> > Mouse;
> > I've tried to send you an email off-list, but both of the mail server
> > infrastructures here (one unix, one windows) can't seem to get
> > through to your mail server.
> That's odd; list mail seems to work fine.  Is it emerging from a
> different IP or something?  Do you have the rejection message?  I'd
> like to find the failures in my logs, assuming of course that they got
> far enough I have log entries here.
> > More to the point, I recall seeing a notice or two over time that the
> > classiccmp mail server has trouble getting to you and disables your
> > subscription automatically and I re-enable it any time I notice it.
> That's odd; my scripts should auto-reenable when the subscription
> auto-suspends.  But if it's not working for some reason then perhaps I
> should take the other option.  I have a standing offer to listowners
> and postmasters for lists I'm on to make list mail that would normally
> be rejected just silently vanish instead.  (Admittedly, I have no
> non-human-layer mechanism in place to make such people aware of that
> offer.)
> > Can you email me a different email address for you that's on a
> > different server perhaps?
> Well, you could try mouse at and/or mouse at  But for
> the list, I'd rather stick with mouse at and just do
> as I sketched above: make list mail that would normally be rejected
> just silently vanish instead.  I'll get started on that; it should be
> in place within the next few hours at most.
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Are the rejected Mails from germans on that list?
Mouse you are rejecting mails from an entire country b'cause of the
decision of the german nic (DeNic) to block whois queries.. (I'm not lucky
with that decision but I can't change it..)


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