Understanding DECsystem 5100 Self Test Failure

Richard Loken richardlo at admin.athabascau.ca
Mon Jan 5 10:19:01 CST 2015

On Sun, 4 Jan 2015, Robert Jarratt wrote:

> When I power up my DECsystem 5100 I get the output shown at the end of this
> email. I thought this was to do with the DS1287 chip as it seems be an NVRAM
> battery error (perhaps). Since I know these devices fail I took out the
> DS1287, put in a socket and then bought a replacement DS12887A. But I still
> get the same problem. It could be that I bought a bad replacement, or that I

I hope you did not throw out the old one.  Assuming the new one is not
compatible with you system or the battery in the new one is also dead, you
can find a set of instructions on the internet to drill a couple appropriate
holes in the DS1297 to disconnect the internal battery and attach an
external battery.

I have the link some where if you cannot find it.

I have an Alphaserver 4100 (running VMS) within arm's reach that is turned
off because of a dead DS1287, I have the parts but I have not found the time
to do the repair.  This conversation reminds me that I have put that off for
too long.

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