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> All of this has me wondering how long it's going to be before POTS
> completely disappears from the infrastructure.

Completely?  I expect that to be a fairly long time - decades, at

> I've been experimenting with one of the Obihai VoIP boxes and have
> been pleasantly surprised at the quality.

Most of my phone service is VoI (everything but my cell).

My opinion: the major upsides are cost and flexibility; the major
downsides are (a) the quality and security implications of using the
open Internet and (b) additional points of failure, many of which
usually don't have anything like three nines of reliability.

In my case the cost and flexibility benefits are enhanced because I am
the primary geek behind the system my phones connect to - I work for
that provider.  But even if I had to set up a tiny little PBX and pay
normal uplink rates it'd still be cheaper and more flexible than POTS.

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