Pulling Capacitors From Above

Robert Jarratt robert.jarratt at ntlworld.com
Mon Dec 28 15:06:03 CST 2015

I have resolved that to get my H7874 PSU working better I am going to have
to bite the bullet and replace some electrolytic capacitors which cannot be
desoldered from below, at least not without some significant surgery on the
board (there are components soldered to the underside of the board and
attached to a large heatsink, all those components would have to be
desoldered so that the heatsink can be removed to get access to the
underside of the board).


I have had the suggestion to pull the old ones out from above, and then
solder in the new ones from above. These are relatively small radial types
(330uF, 25V).


I am sure the pins will just pull out of the bodies of the capacitors,
leaving me to desolder the pins from above, which should be OK. But, I am
worried about doing damage to the board by just pulling them "cold". Are
they really just going to pull out of the capacitor body, or does anyone
have any tips for doing this in the least damaging way possible?





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