Nuts & Volts ESR Meter

Jay Jaeger cube1 at
Tue Dec 22 16:17:02 CST 2015

FYI, the January 2016 issue of Nuts & Volts magazine has an ESR meter.
It uses a 1ma panel meter, but of course one could substitute a resistor
and use a voltmeter or a multi-meter with a 1ma scale as well.

(Though I see the January issue is not there yet).

It also looks like one can get a 3 month complementary subscription via
the URL .

The digital edition is well worth subscribing.

Better yet, if you subscribe for at least 1 year you can be on their
"Preferred Subscriber Network" (no extra charge - just a check-box when
you subscribe) which gives you access to *all* the "digital archived"
(which I found to be PDFs) issues !!

(BTW, Everyday Practical Electronics, EPE, lost me as a subscriber when
they did away with ordinary PDFs and instead have this odd locked thing
with a plug-in.  I refuse to subscribe to an online edition of a
magazine where I cannot be assured of permanent access to the issues I
paid for!  I don't find their "EPE PDF" version with its plug-in to be
acceptable.  I seem to recall that they restricted printing such that
one could not simply print it to a PDF either.  Too bad.).


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