2.9.1 BSD on 11/34 + sc21-bm + fujitsu m2333k

Jacob Ritorto jacob.ritorto at gmail.com
Fri Dec 11 19:50:40 CST 2015

Exciting stuff for a Friday night, right?  Here's a visual aid in case
you're needing further inspiration:
https://www.instagram.com/p/_K-zHhHvLn78Qu5ijWqMf-HBem1LKMLaEdI1c0/  The
M2333K is the smaller one on the left with the green and yellow lights on.
I'm booting from rl0, which contains the tuhs 2.9.1 rl02 image I wrote with
vtserver earlier.

I want to use my nice, roomy smd disk so I can pull in all the sources and
recompile stuff and I've managed to get this *so* close to working but I'm

xp0a: hard error bn xxxx cs2=1100 <MXF, IR> er1=0

on every single block when I try to mkfs /dev/xp0a 4800

This disk was working fine years ago via MSCP attached to the 11/73 (before
I lost the Micro/11 power supply).

Anyway, I referred to
to set the emulation on the Emulex card for two rm03s and they're showing
up in xxdp's zrmlb1 formatter, though they won't format there, screensful
of errors.

I think I set the m2333k to 32 sectors, per this manual:

Because XXDP is reputed to be really strict, I figured that was normal and
then tried the Emulex on-board formatting procedure against both xp0 and
xp4 and they formatted perfectly without error.  Guess the Emulex on-board
stuff doesn't bother verifying much?

So I think that maybe I've misunderstood the hard sectoring / sector sizing
thing.  Does anyone remember the gist of it and would you be able to
describe?  Do you see any other mistakes?


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