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Liam Proven lproven at gmail.com
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On 10 December 2015 at 18:19, Fred Cisin <cisin at xenosoft.com> wrote:
> Let's indulge, for a moment, in some paranoid rantings, . . .
> IF Google were not so honorable and ethical, what kind of power
> COULD they eventually wield with such complete knowledge of people?

I'm with Scott McNeally.

"You _have_ no privacy on the Internet. Get over it."

If I cared, I could run my own server, PGP everything, etc. I am capable of it.

But [a] life's too short [b] Gmail is a very good service, runs on all
my PCs and devices, keeps them all in sync -- mail, address book and
calendar [c] Even if I did go PGP-crazy, there are very few people I
could communicate with.

I have other email addresses. Lots of 'em. About 5 still get checked
regularly. But, frankly, Gmail is the best, so I stay with it.

I am paranoid enough to use a local client to keep a local backup, though...

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