TOP POSTING (was: RE: Best 200 buck I have ever spent!!! Deal of a lifetime!!!

Mike Boyle tulsamike3434 at
Wed Dec 9 19:36:14 CST 2015

I hope I am doing it right lol

On Wed, Dec 9, 2015 at 8:32 PM, Mouse <mouse at> wrote:

> >> All the email clients I have are top posting
> There are good civilized email clients available in plenty; if you
> don't happen to have any, I can only assume you can't be bothered.
> >> get with the times
> No.
> If your email client defaults to top-posting, it probably also defaults
> to no-trimming, which is possibly an even greater offense; take a few
> moments to trim your quotes for relevance and put your text where it
> belongs (which is inline after the parts you're responding to, not just
> moved to the bottom).  If your email client won't let you do that, it
> is just plain broken and has no place in civilized discourse.
> Or, of course, feel free to be as obnoxious as you want in how you
> format your outbound email.  But everyone else is equally free to
> ignore you.  I know I certainly am likely to, if you insist on
> top-posting and/or not trimming.
> > Top posting implies that you are only interested in computers from
> > the 1990s or newer.
> Actually, it's just plain arrogant (and/or rude).  I've written up a
> piece which describes how I see this, which is at
>; the last three
> paragraphs are especially relevant to this point.
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