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Wed Dec 9 19:32:09 CST 2015

>> All the email clients I have are top posting

There are good civilized email clients available in plenty; if you
don't happen to have any, I can only assume you can't be bothered.

>> get with the times


If your email client defaults to top-posting, it probably also defaults
to no-trimming, which is possibly an even greater offense; take a few
moments to trim your quotes for relevance and put your text where it
belongs (which is inline after the parts you're responding to, not just
moved to the bottom).  If your email client won't let you do that, it
is just plain broken and has no place in civilized discourse.

Or, of course, feel free to be as obnoxious as you want in how you
format your outbound email.  But everyone else is equally free to
ignore you.  I know I certainly am likely to, if you insist on
top-posting and/or not trimming.

> Top posting implies that you are only interested in computers from
> the 1990s or newer.

Actually, it's just plain arrogant (and/or rude).  I've written up a
piece which describes how I see this, which is at; the last three
paragraphs are especially relevant to this point.

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