[multicians] Emacs humor

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Wed Dec 2 06:28:57 CST 2015

    >> I think the elevator hack involved the AI Lab PDP-6 (or maybe, later,
    >> PDP-10)

I can supply definitive bits here (I have read the code involved). The actual
interface to the elevator was in one of the PDP-11 front-ends on the MIT-AI
KA10 (memory escapes me as to whether it was the TV11 or the XGP11 or what,
don't have time right at the moment to go look - I suspect the former).

There was actually a table in the PDP-11 code that ran the Knight TV's
(perhaps the first bit-mapped display system) so that one only needed to type
'<Whatever>-E', and the code knew which floor that Knight TV console was on,
and automagically sent the elevator to that floor (3, 8 or 9).

    >> I wouldn't be surprised if it migrated to the Lisp machines, too 

Yes, but that would have just been a network client talking to a server; the
actual hardware interface remained, I am pretty sure, on the -11.


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