Purchased a Microvax 3800

devin davison lyokoboy0 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 1 21:25:19 CST 2015

I purchased a Microvax 3800 a few weeks ago. I have not really had the time
to really take a good look at it until now.  I still do not have the needed
power cord to power it Up. Looks like a standard PC power cord with a notch
in it. I found a place that sells them online, still waiting for it  to get

I was told the machine was removed from working service, however it looks
like it has been sitting for quite some time. The hard drive, hard drive
controller, and tape controller have been removed.

I purchased a m7769 DSSI controller card online, so that is one more step
in the direction of getting the machine all together. Still waiting to find
the controller for the tape drive and a dssi hard drive, although they look
to be pretty affordable on ebay.

Just figured id post about it here, to  show my progress twords getting it



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