HP (3rd party) id help?

Rick Bensene rickb at bensene.com
Thu Apr 30 17:22:56 CDT 2015

I think that this is a Racal-Vadic 1600-series modem bank.
It was a rackmount unit that had slots for up to 16 (typically Bell 202)
See:  http://www.arcelect.com/racal_vadic_202t_202s_modem.htm
You will have to scroll down about 2/3rds from the top of the page to
The photo shows units that are very similar if not identical to what is
shown in your photo.

Rick Bensene

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> I don't think I ever asked this here, I apologize if this is a repost
from long
> ago. I don't remember the answer in any case!
> In high school we had an HP 2000/Access system, and in one of the
racks was
> a non-HP modem or leased line unit that supported multiple lines
(maybe 16-
> ish ISTR). I remember there was a row of silver rocker switches (one
for each
> channel). I think there was a rotary thumbdial on the right with
numbers on it
> to select the line, and maybe an LED above each rocker switch to show
> lines were in use. Maybe (not sure) there were some status LEDS on the
> right that showed status for whatever line was selected with the
> thumbwheel.
> I have a picture of the system racks at
> https://www.flickr.com/photos/131070638@N02/17325691225/
> In the dual bay HP on the right, it is the left rack, 2nd from the
top. It's just
> under the 2748B paper tape reader and just above the 7900A disc drive.
> I was curious if anyone recognized definitively what brand/model that
> was?
> Most unfortunately, that picture includes me holding a trophy for a
> programming contest and it shows I once was thin, once had hair, and
> had acne LOL Kinda wish I had cropped it before uploading :\ I
apologize for
> the fuzziness, it's a picture of a picture and the best I could get.
The time
> period is roughly 1978-1982, and I think the system was a few years
> already at the beginning of that period (was probably used and put
> from parts at other schools).
> Anyone know for sure on the comm device?
> J

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