Qualstar 1260 9 Track Tape Service Manual with Schematics

Marc Verdiell marc.verdiell at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 17:21:33 CDT 2015

Question for all in general and Al Kossow in particular... There is a
scanned version of the Qualstar 1260 Service Manual on bitsavers, but it
cuts off right where it gets interesting, just before the schematics in
Appendix C... Does anybody have the full version somewhere with the
schematics at the end? (BTW, the 1052 manual version has the schematics).

The Qualstar tape drive in question hooked up to my Mac SE/30 (of all
But it misbehaves now (squeaks while motor reverses and fails reads test,
hopefully mechanical?). And my second unit caught another virus and now
refuses to load tape or get the motors going. Both used to work fine. Time
to open them up I guess.

- Marc

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